Aayirathil Oruvan Stunning Conversation Uncensored


The trailer of the film kick starts with this conversation between Reema sen and Andrea.. 🙂 Prolly one of the best conversations in the film 😛

Reema: You shut up, you bitch!

Andrea: Who you calling a bitch?! You are the biggest fucking bitch i’ve ever seen!

Reema: Yeah right! At least i’m not romancing a scumbag here…

Andrea: Yeah right! You rather let him have a peek at your boobs…!

Reema: Shut up you bitch, otherwise i’ll blow your fucking brains off!!


Really fun to see such dialogues in kollywood films!! Not jus this one, there are more tamil dialogues that are superb!! Just posted this as most part of this conversation was suppressed with beeps 🙂


Microsoft Office 2010 — review

Microsoft Office 2010(beta) is an improvised version of Microsoft Office 2007, just as MS Office 2003 was to MS Office XP. The ribbon interface is retained. Its visual appeal has been improved much, rather than feature enhancement. I have used MS Word 2010(beta) to show some of the enhancements that are made in MS Office 2010(beta). The splash screen has been changed into an animated one with minimize, close and cancel options, moreover the process currently running and its status is also shown.

Microsoft Word 2007


Microsoft Word 2010(beta)


The blue interface has been shifted to grey coloured one. Just have a look at MS Word 2007 and 2010(beta).

Microsoft Word 2007


Microsoft Word 2010(beta)


At first sight you can spot three major difference in the visual interface, as below:

  • Navigation column
  • Title bar
  • File button

The new feature called the Navigation has been introduced in MS Office 2010(beta). It enables navigation through the document via three way, they are

  1. Headings
  2. Pages
  3. Searches


The title bar has been made in such a way to suit Windows 7 and Aero theme. The distinctive clear title bar of MS Office 2007 has been replaced with a fused, smoking, less transparent one.

Microsoft Office 2007


Microsoft Office 2010(beta)


The file button is placed instead of the MS Office symbol button. The icon of the application is also placed in the top left corner as it usually be for the rest of the applications which was not present in Microsoft Office 2007 applications.

MS Office 2007                                   MS Office 2010(beta)

officebutton filebutton

There are further more number of changes that have been done to make the software more visually appealing. The changes include conversion of file menu the pops-up when the Office symbol button is clicked into a File page. This page provides more information about the document and also integrates more functionalities in it with ease of use visuals. The file page takes over all the features provided by menus and more, in a single convenient page.


This page also elaborates the details of Recent with recently worked documents, New with all the templates and document types available, Print with print options including preview, Share gives options to share your document over web as blog or put as pdf file and the like, and Help with the related options.

recent new print share

Also there is a change in icon that is used to represent the application. The new icon is more clear to identify and recognise. It has a big ‘W’ letter which is more visible and clear than the 2007 icon.

2007’s 2007 icon 2010’s 2010 icon

More importance is given to visual fidelity. The colours use in 2007 is more optimized and used in 2010 so that it is made easy to identify it. The ‘picture tools’ and ‘table tools’ ribbon, which appear at the time of usage is given below as example.

2007’s 2007diff

2010’s 2010diff

The visual enhancement not just stops here, the developers moved one step further and made color integration with the applications i.e. each application in the Office Suite is blended with a specific color eg: Word—Blue, Excel—Green, Powerpoint—ReddishOrange, Access—Pink, etc. These colors are taken from the color of their icons to which we familiar for over a decade.

acsico acsico1

pptico pptico1

xlico xlico1

The Microsoft Office 2010 will probably be only a slight improvement over its predecessor 2007 in aspects of features, but in terms of user interface it has more to offer for ease of use of the revolutionary ribbon interface introduced in Microsoft Office 2007.

Nerrot.com –Review

Nerrot’ is the newly launched torrent search engine. Its now under beta testing.


The above is how the web page looks like. Its that simple. Even simpler than google’s web page.


   The above is all you have as an interface. A textbox and a button!! All you have to do is to type in the keywords of what torrent you want and click ‘grab’ button. The engine will sort out everything and give you the best torrent available. The torrent will be automatically downloaded.

   On the first visit to the site, it maybe awe inspiring for few and ridiculous for some while the others keep waiting for the page to download the remaining contents, which really doesn’t exist except for the text field and a button!

   The search engine is still a beta version. There are many improvements that are about to come. For instance if you have mistakenly hit the enter key or clicked the ‘grab’ button before entering your keywords, you get a ‘torrent not found’ message in an image(which really takes more time to load than the site itself). Below is the screenshot of the image.




  • Simple in design and for usage.
  • No distractions for the user, as no images nor links are available. Completely goal specific.
  • Most efficient torrent is given automatically.


  • It gives no choice for the user to select from, the best torrent is decided by the search engine and not the user!
  • The keywords must be more appropriate, else search ends with a wrong torrent.
  • You got no option whether or not to download the torrents, once the ‘grab’ button or enter is hit, the engine-decided best torrent is delivered automatically.

Five tips to avoid ‘Messting’

Messting‘ is the new term coined for ruining your life by sending text messages.

Golfer Tiger Woods is the latest entrant to the club of ‘Messting.’

His extra-marital affairs with a number of women were exposed through the messages he had sent to his mistresses.

So, to avoid falling from grace, a list of five things to think about before hitting send has been advised…

1. Love is temporary, text messages last forever!!

2. How will I feel if this message is printed on the cover of a newspaper?

3. What will happen if this message gets forwarded to 100 people?!

4. There is no such thing as a confidential communication (every body tells at least one person)

5. Will the naked photo of myself I’m about to send hurt my ability to get a job?

Courtesy: ANI